Let’s Get Started With An Unreasonably Long Preamble

When I first started this blog series (back in 2019, with an 18 month break after the second post 😔) one of my goals was to become an “expert” in ARIA and then write a post on the topic. In an effort to get myself started, I kept looking around on the internet for a quick introduction to ARIA for the web. What I wanted was a five-minute, crib notes version that I could just scan to get the basics; I figured once I had that, I could start peppering in ARIA here and there in my work and fill…

In my last post, I made the general case for “why accessibility” — the reasons that accessibility is important, and why it deserves first-class consideration at every level of development and project management. In this post, I’d like to explore the “what” of accessibility — what do we mean when use the term “accessibility?” Who are our users? What are our targets?

Big Tent

If we start with a broad view, there’s really nothing about the term “accessibility” that necessarily implies that it relates to persons with one or more disabilities. From this broad perspective, we can define “accessibility” simply by its…

Although my primary programming language is a functional one (JavaScript), I still occasionally find myself getting my head spun around by functional design patterns. When functions are a first-class citizen, the bag of tricks available to a developer can get a bit mind bending at times.

One place I frequently used to get confused was the difference between “currying” and “partial application.” Given the number of blog posts explaining this, I can see I am not the only one.

We’ll attempt here to explore these concepts in JavaScript, and look at how we could create a utility function to simplify…

I am a web developer specializing in front end. If you are reading this, you probably already know what this means: the majority of the code I write is code that is executed in the browser on a user’s device (as opposed to code that executes on a server). As a front end developer, I am the last person on the project assembly line that takes the concept — as designed and defined by requirements — and implements it as code. As such, it is my responsibility that the final product that I ship provides a baseline user experience that…

Alexander Nied

Chicago-based web application developer specializing in front end web development. Working at SPR as a senior consultant. https://www.alexnied.com/

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